Kids play on the new LEGO mini-pitch in Albuquerque, NM
Let soccer do what soccer does.

Together, we can give millions of kids from underserved communities safe places to grow, thrive and build confidence for life.

Foundation Team

Ed Foster-Simeon
Ed Foster-Simeon

President & CEO

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Margarita Alfonzo
Margarita Alfonzo

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

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Jen Arnold head shot
Jennifer Arnold

Vice President of Marketing & Communications

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Alex Bard
Alex Bard

Senior Director, Safe Places to Play

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Ryan Beville
Ryan Beville

Development Operations Manager

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Anthony Ciano headshot
Anthony Ciano

Associate II, Just Ball

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Kelly Clemens head shot
Kelly Clemens

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

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Geneva Decker
Geneva Decker

Manager, Marketing & Communications

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Drew Dube
Drew Dubé

Associate II, Safe Places to Play

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Keira Durrette headshot
Keira Durrette

Senior Director of Development

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Jenny Herold
Jenny Herold

Associate I, Soccer for Success

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Rob Kaler
Rob Kaler

Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

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Scott LaGrand head shot
Scott LaGrand

Vice President, Development

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Paulo Luizaga
Paulo Luizaga

Manager, Corporate Partnerships

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Annie Maco headshot
Annie Maco

Graphic Design Manager

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Alex Marasco headshot
Alex Marasco

Development Engagement Manager

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Bruno Marchesi headshot
Bruno Marchesi

Director, Soccer for Success

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Diana Martin headshot
Diana Martin

Chief External Relations Officer

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Jen Martin headshot
Jennifer Martin

Director, Program Funding & Sustainability

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Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez

Social Media Manager

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Manny Meraz headshot
Manuel Meraz

Associate I, Coach-Mentor Training

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Eren Munir
Eren Munir

Operations & Legal Senior Manager

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Katlin Okamoto head shot
Katlin Okamoto

Director, Coach-Mentor Training

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Lisa Perry headshot
Lisa Perry

Director, Soccer for Success

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Sarah Pickens

Vice President of Programs

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Tori R
Tori Ramataboee

Senior Associate, Soccer for Success

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Zach Riggle head shot
Zach Riggle

Senior Director, Finance & Administration

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Danielle Valente headshot
Danielle Valente

Safe Places to Play Associate

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Michael Vaughn Cherubin
Michael Vaughan Cherubin

Senior Director, Programs

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