Vic Freestyle poses with players during a Welcome to Miami Mess event
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Messi Mania in Miami

A day to remember! That’s what participants from our partners at FLIPANY will say about July 20 — the day they helped welcome Messi to Miami.

Together with adidas, we hosted an afternoon of soccer fun on a small-sided pitch–just the way Messi grew up playing. And we finished with pink treats and surprise swag from Messi himself. One lucky player (Victorio who is Argentinian and a BIG fan of the GOAT) also left with two tickets to see Messi’s debut.

As part of the welcome festivities, adidas and the Foundation announced that together with the Miami Children’s Trust, the Just Ball League will kickoff in Miami August 12, with a training scheduled for Playmakers that day.

What does that mean for Miami youth? They’ll have more opportunities for free, neighborhood-based league play on mini-pitches and other community hubs.