Kids play on the new LEGO mini-pitch in Albuquerque, NM
Let soccer do what soccer does.

Together, we can give millions of kids from underserved communities safe places to grow, thrive and build confidence for life.

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Just Ball League

Breaking down barriers, such as transportation and cost, the Just Ball League provides kids living in underserved communities opportunities to play right in their neighborhood.

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Just Ball League

What makes Just Ball League unique?



Just Ball League utilizes mini-pitches and other community areas for play. Designed in partnership with adidas to bring out players’ unique creativity, the league prioritizes fun, inclusion, and belonging.

More Than A Game

Confidence. A place to be themselves. Role models, mentors, free access to soccer—these are all things Just Ball offers youth living in underserved communities.

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Proven Impact

Just Ballers reported the following positive outcomes because of their participation in the league.

  • 95%developed more confidence
  • 94%feel happier
  • 84%feel less stress
  • 82%have new friends

Check out the impact from Just Ball League's inaugural season.

Jeo's Story

Playmaker Jeo coaches soccer in the Just Ball League so that he can be there for his players and give back to his community.

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Group of kids smiling
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    "Being a coach and mentor are essentially the same thing. You're developing skills that go hand in hand with life."


    Just Ball League playmaker

  • “Just Ball helped me with stress I was facing from school.”

    Just Baller

  • “I can be free and express myself.”

    Just Baller

  • “It takes out the negative thoughts that are in my mind and it releases everything bad inside me and motivates me.”

    Just Baller

  • “There is no pressure to win games. It’s just for fun.”

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  • “I feel inspired to be a coach and help other kids learn, too.”

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  • “I learned how to control my emotions and talk to people.”

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  • “My Playmaker made it a judge free zone...[he is] a great person to turn to for support and guidance.”

    Just Baller

Founding Partner

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