Vic Freestyle poses with players during a Welcome to Miami Mess event
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Just Ballers Celebrate in Queens

This day was one for the ages!

To celebrate the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, we teamed up with adidas to host a day of play and creativity in the heart of Queens.

More than 100 girls from the Just Ball League joined us at Upper 90. Upon arriving, all the girls received new player kits–including new boots and a soccer ball.

Soccer Freestyler Kaelen Hernandez performed a thrilling routine, and then led girls through their own freestyle session. Participants also had the opportunity to hone their footwork skills and scrimmage on the pitches.

Each girl also had the opportunity to design their own show with the adidas Community and S.E.E.D. team.

The result: lasting connections were made through the beautiful game.

Check out a recap video below: