Empowering Girls to Succeed
On and Off the Field

Soccer helps kids develop healthy habits and critical life skills. Unfortunately, many kids in underserved communities, especially girls, lack the resources, access and encouragement to reap the rewards. That's why we created United for Girls as part of our larger effort to make soccer everyone's game.

Together with our partners, we will engage 100,000 girls annually in our programs and double the number of females who lead them as coach-mentors.

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BY 2023, WE WILL:

Engage 100,000 girls annually in our soccer programs.

Double the number of female coach-mentors
leading our programs.

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Girls and women who play sports have higher
levels of confidence and self-esteem and a more positive body image.

Girls with a mentor are two and a half times more likely to be confident in their academic performance.

Source: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

of women who hold C-suite level positions played sports.

Source: EY Women's Athletes Business Network and espnW

say a background in sport can help accelerate a woman's career.

Source: EY Women's Athletes Business Network and espnW

Unfortunately, many girls are left
out of the game...


By age 14, girls are dropping out of sports at two times the rate of boys.

Source: Women's Sports Foundation


of girls - vs. 25% of boys - don't participate in sports.

Source: Women's Sports Foundation


of youth sport coaches are women.

Source: Sports & Fitness Industry Association/Aspen Institute

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United for Girls champions are committed to our work to get more
girls and female coach-mentors in the game.

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