Kids play on the new LEGO mini-pitch in Albuquerque, NM
Let soccer do what soccer does.

Together, we can give millions of kids from underserved communities safe places to grow, thrive and build confidence for life.

Oklahoma City Mini-Pitch Initiative

New mini-pitches in OKC help to encourage participation in sports and physical activity.


Initiative Impact

Through the Pathway to Greatness initiative, more students can enjoy the health and youth development outcomes of the game.

  • 28mini-pitches created at OKC public schools
  • 3more daily hours of play made possible by lighting

1 million kids. 1,000 places to play. We're making soccer everyone's game.

Strong Futures

What are OKC mini-pitches actually like? Experience how it feels to be a student with a mini-pitch at your school.

Play to find out
boys playing on a blue and green mini-pitch
  • “As part of the OKCPS Pathway to Greatness initiative, we are excited to help transform six elementary schools to middle schools and bring quality outdoor athletic facilities to many more neighborhoods and school communities.”

    Tim McLaughlin

    co-founder, Fields & Futures

  • “We strongly believe in the Field & Futures mission of helping Oklahoma City Public Schools empower students with fitness, confidence, and teamwork skills through participation in soccer.”

    Jeff Rogers

    president, Musco Lighting

  • “Aligning with the U.S. Soccer Foundation to support their national Safe Places to Play initiative is a driving force behind the creation of our foundation. We look forward to seeing OKCPS students enjoy these courts long into the future.”

    Mickey Dollens

    Energy Assist Foundation

Before & After

  • Site before creating a mini-pitch in Oklahoma CityBlue and green mini-pitch in Oklahoma City

Find a Mini-Pitch

Use our interactive map to locate a mini-pitch near you.

Initiative Partners

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