Kids play on the new LEGO mini-pitch in Albuquerque, NM
Let soccer do what soccer does.

Together, we can give millions of kids from underserved communities safe places to grow, thrive and build confidence for life.

Black Players Mini-Pitch Initiative

We are working to create safe places to play and provide more opportunities for Black youth to get involved and stay engaged in our game.

Together with Black Players for Change, Black Women’s Player Collective, adidas, and Musco Lighting, we’re working to ensure the next generation of Black players has an equitable stake in the game.


Initiative impact

Since 2020, we’ve made significant strides to improve access to the game.

  • 29mini-pitches created that strengthen communities
  • 90%of community members live within 30 minutes of a mini-pitch

1 million kids. 1,000 places to play. We're making soccer everyone's game.

Providing Hope

What happens when youth see professional athletes bring something they are passionate about to their community?

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BPC BWPC players smiling
  • Imani Dorsey
    “Mini-pitches help us connect with Black girls across the country and bring the sport we love directly to them. The mini-pitches are a place of joy, inspiration, and exploration that we are proud to bring to Black communities across the country.”

    Imani Dorsey

    Black Women’s Player Collective

  • Quincy Amarikwa
    “These mini-pitches address a real barrier—lack of access to a safe place to play—that leaves too many Black youth from having a path to build equity in our game.”

    Quincy Amarikwa

    Black Players for Change

  • Jeff Rogers
    “We couldn't be more proud to join BWPC, BPC, and the U.S. Soccer Foundation in this important endeavor to bring positive change and opportunity to youth in underserved communities.”

    Jeff Rogers

    Musco Lighting

  • BWPC at mini-pitch in DC with U.S. Soccer Foundation
    “The mini-pitch initiative has been one of the most important projects for the BWPC These pitches not only provide a safe place to play, but they also become a center where connection and community can bloom.”

    Ifeoma Onumonu

    Black Women’s Player Collective

  • “It’s important that young girls and boys see pro athletes of all genders represented in sport. We’re committed to creating safe places to play, breaking barriers to sport, and creating an equal starting line for all young boys and girls of color.”

    Skate Noftsinger


  • “I can smile from within knowing that impact will be made in the lives of children who now have access to a space that allows them to play with full freedom.”

    CJ Sapong

    Black Players for Change

  • Justin Morrow
    “This is only the beginning of our efforts to grow the game in Black communities and we look forward to scaling nationwide in order to ensure equitable access to soccer for the next generation.”

    Justin Morrow

    Black Players for Change

Before & After

  • Black and white photo of an unused lotBPC BWPC mini-pitch with lights on

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Initiative Partners

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