Kids play on the new LEGO mini-pitch in Albuquerque, NM
Let soccer do what soccer does.

Together, we can give millions of kids from underserved communities safe places to grow, thrive and build confidence for life.

U.S. National Teqball Federation Teams Up with U.S. Soccer Foundation to Improve Access to Sports in Underserved Communities

WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. National Teqball Federation (USNTF) and the U.S. Soccer Foundation today announced a new, two-year partnership aimed at increasing access to sports opportunities for children living in underserved communities. As part of the partnership, the U.S. National Teqball Federation will donate 100 Teqball tables annually that will be distributed to U.S. Soccer Foundation nonprofit partners to provide additional play opportunities. Teqball will also make a financial donation to the U.S. Soccer Foundation to support the expansion of its proven programs.

“We’re excited for the U.S. National Teqball Federation to join our family of supporters invested in improving the lives of children living in underserved communities through sport,” said Ed Foster-Simeon, President & CEO of the U.S. Soccer Foundation. “The donation of these tables and financial support will provide more opportunities for children to learn critical life skills like teamwork and perseverance that help them grow on and off the pitch.”

This partnership is part of USNTF’s corporate social responsibility efforts to build a brighter and better world. Through its CSR efforts, USNTF aims to use play and sport to help achieve larger goals including disease prevention, increased school attendance, and skill development that promotes employment and economic development.

“The U.S. National Teqball Federation is excited to partner with the U.S. Soccer Foundation in this joint venture to provide personal growth and play opportunities for kids and adults across the United States through the sport of Teqball,” said Ajay Nwosu, President of the U.S. National Teqball Federation. “On a global level, Teqball’s values have always been rooted in service and uplifting communities through the joy of sport, and that mission has been echoed in our strategy around the introduction and inclusion of Teqball in cities and communities across the United States. Partnering with a standout organization like the U.S. Soccer Foundation has given us a great platform to execute our goal of leaving a lasting and positive effect in underserved communities on a national level.”

Teqball is a football-based sport, played on a specially curved table (called the Teqball table), which is attracting a new generation of athletes and amateur enthusiasts to develop their technical skills, concentration, and stamina. The sport, which was invented in Budapest, Hungary, is a gender-equitable game, as the rules define that Teqball shall be played between two or four players, irrespective of gender. The sport follows a points-based scoring format and can be played on various surfaces.

For more than twenty-five years, the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s evidence-based programs and the coach-mentors who run them, have been nurturing children’s personal growth while providing underserved communities with safer places to play. The U.S. Soccer Foundation aims to engage 1 million children in its programs and create 1,000 new mini-pitches by 2026. To date, the U.S. Soccer Foundation has engaged more than 300,000 children in its programs and installed more than 380 mini-pitches. To learn more about the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s efforts, visit

The U.S. Soccer Foundation’s programs are the national model for sports-based youth development in underserved communities. Since its founding in 1994, the Foundation has established programs proven to help children embrace an active and healthy lifestyle while nurturing their personal growth beyond sports. Its cost-effective, high-impact initiatives offer safe environments where kids and communities thrive. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Soccer Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

The U.S. National Teqball Federation’s is a 501(c)(3) organization with a value driven mission centered around inclusion and the grassroots introduction of Teqball to cities, towns and communities across the United States. By offering kids and adults the chance to play and embrace the sport of Teqball, the U.S. National Teqball Federation helps to foster a healthy lifestyle, personal growth, and inclusion for all.


Jennifer Arnold, U.S. Soccer Foundation; 202-872-6662

Daniel Szabo, U.S. National Teqball Federation; 310-433-9791