Safe Places to Play Synthetic Turf Grant Opportunity

AstroTurf and the U.S. Soccer Foundation are partnering to strengthen and sustain communities together through soccer. Submissions for this opportunity are accepted on a rolling basis. The online interest form is now available.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Land Ownership – application must own or hold a 10+ year lease on the field space
  • 50% Funded – at the time of application, 50% of project funding must be in hand
  • Project Timeline – project should have clear timeline, with plan to complete project within one year of potential grant award
  • Soccer-Specific Play Space – field space must be majority-use soccer

Funding Support and Grant Use

  • Grant funding is for AstroTurf products and installation services only
  • Grant is valued at 5% of the total AstroTurf scope of these products and installation services
  • Grants function as a product credit toward the grant project
  • Reimbursements are not eligible – the project must be in the future, with plans to complete within one year of the award
  • Installation services must be referred by AstroTurf

Submitting a Synthetic Turf Interest Form

  • Click on the link at the bottom of this page and complete fully
  • Within eight weeks of your submission, you will receive one of two responses:
  1. An email connection with the proper AstroTurf representative to begin the process of claiming your credit
  2. An email with a brief explanation of why your organization was not chosen for the synthetic turf opportunity