Brandon’s Story: Creating Chances

Brandon's Story: Creating Chances

Brandon is an outgoing kindhearted 4th grader who lives with his family in an underserved community. In communities of concentrated poverty, like Brandon’s, children face distinct challenges such as higher rates of crime, lack of access to healthy foods, and lack of safe playing spaces.

In fact, one in five children do not have someone to care for them during the after-school hours. Without guidance and supervision, children living in these communities can succumb to negative influencers.

At the U.S. Soccer Foundation, we are working to change this unfortunate reality. And thanks to our many supporters, we brought our afterschool soccer program to Brandon’s community—at no cost to participants or their families. Through this program Brandon has grown and thrived. He is now more confident, tries harder in school and works better on team. Through the program Brandon learned how to establish healthy habits and now chooses healthier food and drink options and exercises more.

Brandon is just one example of how our programs improve the lives of the children they serve. Help us create chances and provide kids like Brandon the opportunity to forge a better path.