2015 Symposium Schedule

April 16 – 19, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015 | Friday, April 17, 2015 | Saturday, April 18, 2015 | Sunday, April 19, 2015

Thursday, April 16, 2015 

9:00a-10:00a     Capitol Hill Day: Training

10:00a-4:00p     Capitol Hill Day: Meetings with Congressional Representatives

Friday, April 17, 2015

9:00a-9:30a     Welcome & Featured Speaker: The Link between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Physical Health

Elizabeth Prewitt, Policy Analyst and Community Manager, ACEs Connection Network

Attendees will gain insight from the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, one of the largest investigations ever conducted to assess the link between childhood maltreatment and later-life health and well-being. Attendees will also learn tools and tactics to ensure that they are providing trauma-informed programming for the youth that they serve.

9:30a-10:45a    General Session: Youth Development Panel: Bridging the Mentoring Gap
David Dubois, Ph.D, Professor, University of Illinois at Chicago
Albert Petitpas, Ed.D, Director, Center for Youth Development and Research, Springfield College
Janis Kupersmidt, Ph.D, President and Senior Research Scientist, Innovation Research and Training
Marty Martinez, M.A., President & CEO, Mass Mentoring Partnership

MENTOR, the national mentoring partnership, reports that of the 18 million youth in need of a mentor, there are only 3 million youth receiving mentorship, leaving a mentorship gap of over 15 million youth. This distinguished panel will discuss the role that sports-based youth development programs can play in bridging the mentorship gap. Attendees will learn best practices and the latest research trends from the field of youth development and mentorship, and discuss ways in which they can leverage the role of a coach to provide youth with positive mentoring relationships.

11:00a-12:15p  Workshops

Salon A: Winning More than the Game – Character Development
Fred Northup, President/Founder, Athletes for a Better World

Salon F: Healthy Habits the Sesame Street Way
Rocio Galarza, Assistant Vice President, Community Engagement, Sesame Workshop
Jennifer Shin, Project Director, Community Engagement, Sesame Workshop
Kayla Nalven, Content Coordinator, Community Engagment, Sesame Workshop

Salon G: Maximizing Touches
Eve Tilley-Coulson, Partner, Be Next Level Academy
Victor Freeman, Partner, Be Next Level Academy

Salon H: Program Evaluation: Strategies for Building Buy-in and Ensuring Use of Results
Lauren Kinderknecht, Assistant Director of Monitoring & Evaluation, Up2Us

1:30p-2:45p      Workshops

Salon A: Session 1 – Los Niños Life Skills Soccer Program**
David Glass, President and Founder, First Touch Sports
Marcelo Gangotena, Chair, Soccer Across America, Virginia Youth Soccer Association
Pat McStay, Executive Director, Chesterfield United FC

Salon F:
 An Introduction to Restorative Practices: Relationship Building and Conflict Reduction
Maggie Terry, Lecturer, California State University – Dominguez Hills

Salon G: Doing Good: A Sustainable Business Model for Effecting Social Change
Joel McCausland, Director, Sport Court

Salon H: Engaging the Faith Community: Help the Church Community Impact Your Program and Your City
Ben Dudley, Executive Director, AC Portland

3:00p-4:15p     Workshops

Salon A: How to Deliver Education on Substance Misuse through Soccer
Jane Carter, Director, Coaching for Hope
Harry Isit, Coach Consultant, Coaching for Hope

Salon F: U.S. Organizations Abroad: Lessons and Strategies from International Sport for Development
Arnold Ambiel, Chief Operating Officer, One World Play Project
Mary McVeigh, Executive Director, Soccer without Borders
Brian Suskiewicz, Chief Executive Strategist, Coaches Across Continents

Salon G: The Science of Fun: Maximizing Soccer Skill Development and Achievement Using the FUN MAPS
Amanda Visek, Associate Professor, The George Washington University
Heather Manning, Research Associate, The George Washington University

Salon H: Uncommon Partners on Common Ground
Jon Burns, Founder & CEO, Lionsraw
Melissa Reddick, Director, FC Dallas Foundation

4:30p-5:45p     Workshops

Salon A: Session 2 – State Associations and Soccer Clubs: Challenges and Best Practices**
Sid Bloom, Soccer Across America – Region 1
Bob Poretti, Soccer Across America  – Region 2
Felipe Vieyra, Zarlengo Outreach Program Manager, Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer Club

Salon F: 
Be Part of the Solution: Sports as a Platform for Preventing Violence
Brian O’Connor, Director of Public Education Campaigns and Programs, Futures Without Violence
Jerry McMeekin, Educator for Prevention Services, Pittsburgh Action Against Rape
Jarrod Chin, Director of Training and Curriculum, Northeastern University – Center for the Study of Sport in Society

Salon G: Rainy Day Activities to Build Your Team and Teach the Game without Leaving the Classroom
Sean Hinkle, Program Director, DC SCORES
Katrina Owens, Senior Director of Programs, DC SCORES

Salon H: Behind the Foundation Board Room
Alayana Buckner, CEO, Elevate
Leigh Crenshaw, Lead Writer, Elevate

6:00p-7:30p     Poster Session

7:30p-9:30p     Reception 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

9:00a-2:15p  Organizational Development Boot Camp
Facilitator: Diana Cutaia, President, Coaching Peace Consulting, LLC

Click here for more information about the Organizational Development Boot Camp

2:30p-3:45p  Workshops

Salon A: Session 3 – Grassroot Organizations: Challenges and Best Practices**
Darius Shirzadi, Executive Director, Project GOAL
Heidi Warren, Executive Director, Starfinder Foundation
Andrew So, Executive Director, South Bronx United

Salon F: Allyship: Being a Champion for Inclusion in Your Organization
Hudson Taylor, Executive Director, Athlete Ally
Ashland Johnson, Director, Policy & Campaigns, Athletes Ally

Salon G: They Play, We Teach
David Gil Chapado, Real Madrid Foundation

Salon H: What’s in the Numbers: Understanding Budget Development and Financial Stability
Tammy Reder, Chief Financial Officer, Horizons for Homeless Children

4:00p-5:15p    Workshops

Salon A: The Last Straw! A Game on the Social Determinants of Health©
Mary K. Comtois, Director of Health Initiatives, United Way of Buffalo & Erie County

Salon F: Creating Empowering Youth-Adult Relationships through Mentoring

Beth Fraster, Director of Program Services, Mass Mentoring Partnership

Salon G: The New York Red Bulls Approach to Development and Session Structure for Urban Settings
Matt Reeves, Training Programs Administrator, New York Red Bulls Training Programs
Ricky King, Coach Education and Recruitment Manager, New York Red Bulls Training Programs
Marguerite Ferrell, Senior Manager of Recruitment and Education, New York Red Bulls Training Programs
Steve Jones, Regional Manager – Manhattan, New York Red Bulls Training Programs

Salon H: Creating an Annual Development Plan
David McGoy, Vice President of Development, Up2Us

Sunday, April 19, 2015

9:00a-9:30a   Featured Speaker

David Rojas, Program Coordinator, Boys and Girls Club of Chicago – Little Village Unit

9:45a-11:00a Workshops

Salon A: Session 4 – State Associations, Soccer Clubs, and Grassroots Organizations: Collaborate**
Tom Condone, Chairman, Soccer Across America – Region 3
Mark Maxi, Chairman, Soccer Across America – Region 2
Paul Jeffries, Director of Community Development, New York City FC

Salon F: Collaborative Autonomy and Contested Identities: Creating Change for Female Athletes
Dr. Maya Bhave, Vice-President of Board of Directors/ Executive Director, Go Nordic Girls Program

Salon B: Bring the Kids Back to the Park to Play: Creative Use of Spaces in Urban Environments
Ted Kroeten, Artistic Director, Joy of the People

Salon H: Soccer as Community Change
Hilary Bass, Executive Director, Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League
Jorge Ferreira, Deputy Sheriff, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office
Shamika Sutton, Community Organizer, Deputy Sheriffs’ Activities League

11:15a-12:30p Workshops

Salon F: Cultivating Empathy
Romina Laouri Faulb, Changemaker Schools Network Leader, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public
Autumn B. Williams, Senior Entrepreneur – Changemaker Schools, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public

Salon G: More Than a Soccer Club
Andrew So, Executive Director, South Bronx United
Paul Jeffries, Director of Community Development, New York City FC

Salon H: How to Break Through the Noise and Get Your Story Heard
John Doyle, Partner, Doyle McDonald

12:30p-1:30p Featured Speaker & Closing  

Ali Krieger, U.S. Women’s National Team member

** These workshops are a part of the Bridging the Gap Track, a 4-workshop track dedicated to bridging the gap between State Associations and large clubs, and small grassroots organizations working in at-risk communities.