As we prepare to start our fall 2020 Soccer for Success season, communities continue to suffer from a host of crises: the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic fallout from the spread of the virus, and a public outcry against centuries of systemic racism. Schools are starting the new school year virtually or through a hybrid approach […]

Much like others, watching the Women’s World Cup made my creaky knees motivated to find the closest field to kick the ball around or even play some pick-up soccer. I found myself reminiscing the heydays of collegiate soccer playing on the Koskinen field at Duke University (and always trying to find a way to sneak […]

It’s time to prepare for the Urban Soccer Symposium, and two members of the Symposium team, Sarah Pickens and Shaina Ross, are excited to announce that the Foundation will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Symposium on March 11-14 2016! The event’s theme is “A Decade of Change,” celebrating the growth and transformation of […]

In honor of Valentine’s Day, my family members and I have composed a few love letters to soccer. Enjoy! Dear Soccer, I love you so much. You make after school fun. I love running around with my teammates. I have made 12 new friends that I see three (or more) times a week, because of […]

Every night the children across the street from my apartment play on the sidewalk. They mostly play soccer and football, all on a 3 ft. wide surface of concrete (sandwiched by another foot or so of dirt and clumps of grass on either side). They play until nightfall, and then another hour or two after. […]

With the 2013 Urban Soccer Symposium only weeks away, I am reminded of some of my favorite and most memorable moments from past Symposiums. One of my favorite moments was Dominique Dawes’ keynote speech at the 2011 Symposium. Every year, the Symposium includes inspiring and passionate speakers and Dominique’s speech was nothing less than phenomenal. […]

When I started the journey of planning the 2013 Urban Soccer Symposium, I was determined to make it the best Symposium yet. Every year, our goal is to ensure that the Symposium outdoes its predecessor. Not just in the competitive spirit, but in the spirit of catapulting the soccer for social change movement forward. I […]