As usual things are busy here at the Foundation, but spirits are high. We made it through what seemed like an extra-long winter, now the sun is out and the World Cup kick off is just a few days away. We’re ready for a summer of soccer! As most of you already know, 2014 marks […]

As part of our 20th Anniversary celebration and the “Together, We Are Soccer” campaign, we are launching an interactive way to share soccer stories on social media. Using the hashtag #WhyIPlay, we are asking people around the country and around the world to tell us why they play soccer. Truth be told, I’m not your […]

Growing up in Canada we celebrated “Canadian Thanksgiving.” Four years ago, I relocated to the United States and four U.S. Thanksgivings later, I’ve learned that no matter where (or when) you celebrate Thanksgiving, it usually involves two essential things: 1) turkey and 2) family. This past holiday, players from the McDade Classical School soccer team […]