At the Foundation we are always looking for new ways to grow the game and increase our impact on the lives of youth across the country. One of the ways that we grow the game is through our Program Grants, which are provided to fantastic organizations running youth soccer programming to bolster or expand such […]

You wouldn’t know it from the constant snow and ice, but here in Washington, DC we are getting ready for the start of the soccer season! With over 40 program operators this spring, the Foundation’s Soccer for Success program is gearing up for its largest season ever. While over 30,000 children are lacing up their […]

Last month, the Foundation took a trip to the Passback warehouse in Hillsborough, North Carolina, to send out equipment shipments as part of the Passback program! After 2 days of tough but rewarding work, we want to share with you the inner workings of Passback and how we manage to impact thousands of children per […]

The echoes of “Dos a Cero” rang for hours before and hours after the U.S. Men’s World Cup qualifier verus Mexico on Tuesday, September 10th, and I was fortunate enough to be in the crowd for one of the most memorable games in recent U.S. Men’s National Team history. Joined by many of the U.S. […]

Sports can take us on different paths through life. We all may start our journeys the same way – playing in a youth league, on the streets or grassy fields with our closest friends and family – however as we grow older, our journeys take us in different directions. Six months ago, I was fortunate […]

“And that is why I stayed. Because hope and love and rejoicing and redemption can happen to kids like them. And people like me…..who can soften life’s blows for them, ought to help.” Former ESPN producer Lisa Fenn penned these words earlier this week, in a heart-lifting story about two young men from inner city […]

The Foundation’s field-building initiative, Safe Places to Play, provides grants to organizations to help build or enhance field spaces in underserved communities. Providing a safe physical space to play is extremely important in the effort to use soccer to create social change and a healthier lifestyle for children nationwide. Providing a safe place to play […]

There have been some disturbing news stories of late, discussing the problems that exist with many professional athletes’ individual foundations and nonprofit charitable organizations. These stories began a few months ago with an in-depth report by the Boston Globe, and continued recently with an Outside the Lines special on Since then, many people have come forward […]

Last week, a group of Foundation staff members took a tour of the local DC television studios of ESPN’s popular programs, Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, and Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable.  Not only did we get a great tour, but we were lucky enough to sit in the studio and watch a […]

Two months in to my time here, and I continue to discover new things that both impress and surprise me about the Foundation. My story begins one afternoon when, after reviewing paperwork for our newest round of grantees, I asked my boss how many fields we have helped to build in the DC area. I […]