We helped fuel the phenomenal growth of the sport in the U.S., from the grassroots to the professional leagues. We awarded grants in all 50 states and D.C. We created a transformative program to ensure children in underserved communities have access to the game. We’ve used soccer to improve lives and communities. And we are just getting started.

25 Voices

Click on the photos below to see how our programs have impacted
players, coach-mentors, parents, and grantees.

  • Yeneisi Soccer for Success participant Miami, FL

    "In the beginning I didn't know how to play soccer and I wanted to quit but then I decided to give it a try and I found out that I actually had something special in me."

  • Blake Soccer for Success coach-mentor Washington, DC

    "I love Soccer for Success and the U.S. Soccer Foundation because they helped me translate my love of the game into intentional, engaging lessons for my students. They also had a huge impact on me personally, by introducing me to my passion for teaching and launching me on a career as an educator. Thank you, U.S. Soccer Foundation!"

  • Paty mother of Soccer for Success participant San Francisco, CA

    "She's more confident. It’s reinforced her ability to go and try new things...and she tries her hardest now."

  • Brian Soccer for Success coach-mentor Boston, MA

    "The U.S. Soccer Foundation's support for our non-profit middle school league gives our players so many opportunities that they otherwise simply would not have...they simply would not get a chance to pursue their dream of being soccer stars if not for the Foundation’s support of Boston Scores."

  • Ben Soccer for Success participant Raleigh, NC

    "My favorite part of my Soccer for Success program is having teammates who are like family!"

  • Ma'Layah Soccer for Success participant Raleigh, NC

    "Soccer for Success players are my family away from my family. I love soccer."

  • Jesus parent of Soccer for Success participant Arlington Heights, IL

    "Soccer for Success has helped my son live a more active and healthier life. It has helped him make new friends and get along with other kids. It has also made him a better soccer player and have more confidence in himself."

  • Mrs. Jackson site director Chester and Upland, PA

    "It’s been a positive experience seeing the students grow and develop personally, not just in soccer skills, but also making improvements in behavior and interactions with others."

  • Bentley Soccer for Success participant North Miami, FL

    "I have learned many new drills in the Soccer for Success program that can help me get better with soccer."

  • Amanda Soccer for Success participant Miami, FL

    "Ever since I have been a little girl, I have always loved the game of soccer. I never got the chance to play on a team. This has finally given me a chance to play on a team and learn the skills of the game."

  • Emmanuel Soccer for Success coach-mentor Washington, DC

    "Soccer for Success has allowed me to provide an opportunity to create a vision instead of a dream for those that were unable to see beyond their surroundings."

  • Alaina Soccer for Success participant Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    "Soccer is so much fun! The coaches also show us how to exercise and eat healthy and play with new friends."

  • Jason Soccer for Success participant Raleigh, NC

    "The Soccer for Success program brings the best of me and teaches me to eat right."

  • Luz parent of Soccer for Success participant and volunteer Arlington Heights, IL

    "I have three kids and all three have been in the Soccer for Success program. I am now a true advocate of the program as it has taught me so much. I have become independent and related my experience to other parents. Soccer has brought many great things to my family."

  • Efrain Soccer for Success participant Redwood City, CA

    "The Soccer for Success program helped me eat better foods and...made me a better soccer player."

  • Enrique Soccer for Success participant Buffalo, NY

    "I get to run around like a mad chicken without getting in trouble or getting yelled at. I like playing with my friends."

  • Serenity Soccer for Success participant Harrisburg, PA

    "The JT Dorsey Foundation has helped me grow as a soccer player and a leader. I've made many friendships and had a lot of experiences from soccer. These will all last a lifetime."

  • Simon Executive Director, Segundo Barrio Futbol Club El Paso, TX

    "The U.S. Soccer Foundation program grant that Segundo Barrio Futbol Club received helped us enormously as an organization. It not only helped us become financially stable, but put us on a sustainable path to establish ourselves as a viable program. Being awarded the grant also gave us credibility in the community, and encouraged local organizations to support the work that we do."

  • Nbaa Soccer for Success participant Kansas City, MO

    "I like soccer because the coaches don’t just teach us about soccer. They also teach us other things like how to deal with stress and eat right."

  • Amaya Soccer for Success participant Camden, NJ

    "The soccer program has taught me that soccer is a good sport for short people and I feel included. I can compete."

  • Manuel Soccer for Success participant Redwood City, CA

    "I loved scoring goals at game days in front of my family."

  • Karen Soccer for Success participant Arlington Heights, IL

    "Ever since I joined this program, I have been taught so many things. This includes the meaning of teamwork, how to communicate with others better, and more...I can’t express how thankful I am to have been given this opportunity to learn and to help develop my personality, and little did I know that along with this journey I would discover my true passion for soccer."

  • Todd Arvada Soccer Association dba Real Colorado EDGE Soccer Club Arvada, CO

    "It has been 10 years since we successfully completed our turf field project in Arvada, Colorado with the help of U.S. Soccer Foundation. In that time, the fields have been used to host thousands of youth, high school, college and adult soccer games and practices, as well as several tournaments.  We have been able to run camps and clinics basically year-round now."

  • Arielle Soccer for Success participant Harrisburg, PA

    "Soccer gave me a chance to believe in myself and my future. When I felt like giving up, my coaches always encouraged me to be strong and push through. They told me good things will soon come afterwards."

  • Paul President and CEO, Seacoast United Sports Club Hampton, NH

    "Seacoast United’s efforts to put together a four field complex in Epping, New Hampshire in 2006 was largely viewed by many as a pipe dream. The grant we received gave our project credibility, and the fact that the U.S. Soccer Foundation believed in us made a huge difference. Since 2006, SUSC has proudly included the Foundation logo on our club sleeves. On behalf of everyone at Seacoast United Sports Club, we would like to congratulate the Foundation on 25 years and applaud its success on helping the game of soccer grow at all levels in America."


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