As the Olympics have come to a close and we consider all the accomplishments of the athletes we’ve witnessed over the last two weeks, the term “greatness” is often used to describe their performances. Nike’s new ad “Find Your Greatness” features an overweight, 12-year old Nathan Sorrell who comes into focus only as he slowly jogs towards the camera down a deserted dirt road at dusk. Nike’s message is simple; we can’t all be elite athletes like the ones we’ve watched in the Olympics but we can all be great and inspire greatness through simple acts like running. The ad is impactful, no doubt, but the content has generated some debate and criticism. Specifically, critics are concerned that the ad exploits Nathan’s condition and enables further stigmatism. Others believe that just getting up and running, as the ad suggests, won’t solve the childhood obesity epidemic in our country and Nike’s intentions are merely propagating this myth.